Personalized Spanish Training

We conduct special Spanish courses for students of schools and colleges with IB, A Levels, ICSE, IGCSE college etc. Contact us for more details.

Academia De Español (Mumbai) has a course for people serious about learning Spanish. We are a small, boutique Spanish Academy, which allows us to be totally dedicated to providing personal attention and the best learning environment for each of our students.

Helping our students to learn Spanish in accordance with their Individual Learning Style, by taking advantage of their natural strengths, is a cornerstone of our Educational Philosophy and the secret of the remarkable success our students achieve in learning Spanish at our institute.

You may already know about learning styles, or might even be an expert on the subject, but matching teaching techniques and methods with the student’s natural learning style is so important to the success in learning Spanish.

Through conversations with your tutor, you will learn how to speak Spanish fluently using present, past and future tenses. Our conversational approach also places emphasis on your listening comprehension and writing skills. We use slideshows, videos, current articles and other interactive resources to ensure that the learning process is as fun and engaging as possible.

At Academia De Español we emphasize spoken instructions, lectures, live conversations, oral discussions, reading aloud during and after class, and hearing a variety of native speakers. We make extensive use of modern audio equipment.

Learn Spanish one-on-one from a native Spanish-speaking instructor. All courses, no matter what the level, focus on getting you communicating and thinking in Spanish as fast as possible.

In addition to excellent interpreting skills our translators at Academia de Español conduct thorough research prior to any conference to ensure they are up to speed with the issues at hand, vocabulary and terminology. This guarantees that communication across the language gap is smooth and precise.

In addition to that, at Academia De Español we are tutors that are passionate about education. This ensures that our private Spanish teachers are not just native speakers looking to make a few extra bucks (like in many real-world language institutes or other online programs) but are real professional Spanish teachers that actually love to teach and take pride in the progress of their students.

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