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¿Ya eres estudiante de español?

Si puedes entender muy bien el español, pero no puedes hablar con la misma fluidez…


Academia de Español offers you a chance to brush up your speaking skills with the help of our conversation classes. We have designed two levels (of 15 hours) keeping in mind the students’ need and understanding of the language:


1)      A2 Level – Students can join this class after completing the Basic A2 course.

  •           This course enables you to carry out simple conversations.  Introduce yourself, as well as other people and your surroundings. You can also talk about your likes and dislikes; refer to simple aspects of your past and discuss future plans.

2)     B2 Level – Students can join this class either after completing the Intermediate B1 course or even after completing the Intermediate B2 course.

  •           This course enables you to talk about your experiences, desires, and events; give opinions or reasons and explanations; defend your viewpoint with a higher degree of fluency. At this stage you can easily communicate with native speakers of the language.

These classes are conducted by Mr. Dinesh Govindani and Mrs. Vidya Govindani. Personal attention and a chance for everyone to speak are guaranteed given that the maximum intake for every batch is of only 5 students.



Why are conversation classes so important?

One of the most difficult tasks for students is to converse fluently in Spanish. Most students have been speaking in English/ some other language for many years, which makes it difficult for them to adjust their thinking patterns to speak fluently in Spanish. This is where the conversation classes come into play.


Since most students are not able to converse easily in Spanish, they shy away from speaking the language. In classes specially designed for conversation, teachers can help the students overcome their inhibitions or apprehension and take active part in interesting day-to-day conversations. Conversing more often, helps the students gain confidence. Once the students have the much-needed confidence, half the battle is won!


During the conversation classes, our teachers, Mr Dinesh Govindani and Vidya Govindani who are native speakers of the language, help students to pronounce the words correctly, understand the basic sentence structures, thereby improving the student’s ability to express themselves coherently in Spanish with the correct accent.


What are the advantages of conversation classes?

In the real world, only theoretical knowledge of a language is not sufficient. A student should not only be able to read and write in a language but have the confidence to conduct conversations with native speakers of the language. These classes help the students develop the necessary skills. Grammatically correct sentences are easy to build once you start practicing speaking the language. Academia offers students the perfect setting for this. As time goes, the vocabulary and fluency of the student increases automatically with active class participation.


The discussions or topics of conversations in these classes focus on everyday life – situations which can take place in real life setting. This helps the students in conversing confidently with others (students or native speakers) regarding various topics. These discussions also help students with their writing skills, as the conversation which takes place can be easily recalled if s/he is to write say an essay or a dialogue regarding a similar topic.


Confidence is the key to speaking any language. Usually, students avoid conversation with native speakers for the lack of this confidence, which is easily gained in conversation classes because of its supportive environment. The setting of the class is such that students feel comfortable using new vocabulary or the vocabulary they know in new sentence structures. Once students have experimented with different words and ways of saying things, it is very easy for them to speak with the native speakers without feeling anxious or out of depth.


Are the conversation classes compulsory?

No. If you already are a fluent speaker of the Spanish language, you naturally are under no obligation to join these classes. Only students, who want to practice speaking, increase their fluency and conversation skills enroll for these classes.


Do I have to be a student of Academia de Español to join the conversation classes?

No you do not have to be a student of Academia de Español to enroll for these classes. You may have learnt the language in your school or some other language training institute and simply need to practice your speaking skills, feel free to enroll just for the conversation classes of the required level.


Keep in mind that the A2 level has been designed for the beginners and students only converse in 7 tenses at this stage [viz. Present, Present Continuous, Future, Future Continuous, Present Perfect, Preterite and Command Tense]. The B1 level is designed for intermediate and advanced students. At this stage the students can speak in all tenses and express more complex ideas and viewpoints.

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