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If you are holding a bilingual or multilingual conference or event and need a Spanish language interpreter, our interpretation services can help you break through this language barrier. Academia de Español has been in this sector for over 25 years and has helped hundreds of meeting planners and event coordinators with interpretation solutions.


Our interpreters deal with all manner of needs including:


Business Negotiations, Video / Telephone Conferencing, Meetings, Conference, Seminars and Entertaining.


We have served major multinational and national companies, organizations and conferences offering quality interpreters at competitive prices. We provide two essential forms of face-to-face interpreting services in India. These are ‘Consecutive’ interpreting and ‘Simultaneous’ interpreting.



Consecutive Interpreting

Here the interpreter listens to a section of speech then either summarizes it or relays the gist. This is more useful for one-to-one meetings and small groups. Consecutive interpreting calls for excellent short-term and long-term memory, note-taking skills, a grasp of subtle nuances in both languages, and mastery of speaking styles, to preserve the tempo and mannerisms of a speaker. For example, the speaker may stop after every sentence or paragraph to allow the interpreter to feedback what has been said – or it could be at 1/2/3/4/5-minute intervals. The consecutive interpreter will take notes as the speaker is talking to assist them when feeding back the speech content. This type of interpreting is used mainly for meetings and negotiations.



Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter attempts to relay the meaning in real time. Naturally there is a small delay while the interpreter processes information. This type of interpreting is used more in conferences and tele/video conferences. Each attendee has a wireless transmitter and listens to the interpretation through headphones. When conferences are interpreted into multiple languages, each language is broadcast on a separate channel so attendees can choose which one they want to hear.



Tips we always advise customers to consider are:

  • Always be clear about why you are hiring an interpreter. Will they serve any purpose beyond straight language translation? You may need someone with a particular knowledge of an industry sector or you may need someone with negotiation skills.


  • Always give as much background information on the situation the interpreter will find themselves in. What outcomes do you expect? Are there any potential issues or problems such as difficult personalities or sensitive issues?


  • Plan ahead. When will you need the interpreter? Try and give both you and them time. If necessary you may want to meet with them first to discuss the day or meeting. Will they be needed for a whole day or week even?


  • However, to get the best out of an interpreter you need to give them as much background information as possible. For example, if the meeting involves some delicate issues they should be informed accordingly so as to prepare for them. If a presentation involves some specific terminology the interpreter must be given a copy of the presentation in order to prepare. In short, if the interpreter goes into a meeting ‘blind’ they may find it difficult to accommodate your needs.


In addition to excellent interpreting skills our translators at Academia de Español conduct thorough research prior to any conference to ensure they are up to speed with the issues at hand, vocabulary and terminology. This guarantees that communication across the language gap is smooth and precise.



Do I need an Interpreter?

An interpreter can be used for a number of reasons and situations. The basic reason an interpreter will be used is because of a language barrier. Interpreters are therefore used for business meetings, conferences, presentations, court hearings, police questioning and many other situations where one or more people can not understand each other due to speaking different languages.


Interpreters are in great demand in the current global climate. With people from all over the world participating in business meetings, conferences and events, overcoming the language barrier naturally becomes the key to ensuring all attendees contribute and benefit from such occasions. The interpreter is an integral cog in the wheel of cross-cultural communication. Knowing how to hire and work with an interpreter is a must for international business personnel.


The cost of an Interpreter

We at Academia de Español charge daily rates for Spanish interpretation. However, we try and implement a flexible pricing policy to reflect our clients’ needs. In order to provide you with a quote we need to know where the conference will be held in India, when, the length, and the subject matter. In order to obtain an interpretation quote, you can write to us at team@academiaespanol.com or contact us through this form.

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