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Sworn Translations

For those occasions when a high quality translation is not enough, and legal validation is required, we at Academia De Español offer our customers a Sworn Translation service from English to Spanish and vice versa.

The difference between our standard and sworn translations is that a sworn translation is:


  • Signed and has the official stamp (including the registration number) of the sworn translator.
  • The sworn translator is appointed and regulated by a Government Ministry.
  • Valid in any legal context, as the translated document is considered a legal document in its own right and is valid as an official translation.

For this purpose, we have on board sworn translator Mr. Samit Satish Govindani, validated and appointed by the Ministry of External Affairs under the registration number TIJ 9498. We specialize in sworn translation of diverse legal documents from English to Spanish and vice versa.

The validity of an official translation has no expiry. It cannot substitute the original document but certifies its content, therefore, if the content of the original document expires, the translation has no effect by itself.

Although the original documents can be sent by any means (fax, e-mail, etc.), the sworn translation can only be supplied on paper as it has to include the signature and seal of a sworn translator who is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Numerous official bodies in Spain and abroad require this type of translation (ministries, courts, academic institutions, etc.). However, with his or her signature and seal the sworn translator attests to the accuracy of the translation, making sworn translations also essential when the precise content of the original text needs to be known for other purposes.

Typical cases where sworn translations are required include:


  • Legal Documents such as PCCs, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates
  • Official Recognition of Academic Certificates
  • Naturalization Proceedings
  • Residents’ Permits
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Contracts
  • Letters of Intent and Memoranda
  • Audits
  • Financial Information

How to request an English-Spanish sworn translation?

Step 1

Send us a scanned copy of the document you need a sworn translation of by email to team@academiaespanol.com. In order to request a sworn translation service, the original documents are not required as long as the quality of the scanned document allows us to read it.

Step 2

Once the quote has been accepted and after receipt of the proof of payment via email, our sworn translator will start working on the sworn translation of the document. Once it is finalized, the sworn translation will be sent to the address provided.

Step 3

Tell us the method by which you prefer that we send you your sworn translation: certified mail, express mail or Courier. If you prefer, you can also pick up your sworn translation at our center in Andheri West.

How much does a Sworn Translation cost?

AE undertakes all sworn translations at a competitive price. Get in touch with us here to request a quote for sworn translations effectuated in a swift and timely manner.