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With globalization, language training is becoming a must-do for many corporates and adult workers who understand the amount of opportunities a new language can bring to a business and a market. Enabling employees to learn an additional language not only has a positive impact on their motivation and appreciation of the company, of course, Spanish-speaking employees can also help grow the business in the Spanish-speaking world comprising of over 600 million speakers.


We at Academia de Español offer Spanish lessons for corporate executives and private teaching lessons for individuals such as company managers, and owners. Our lessons take place at our client’s corporate office.


Given our two-decade experience in teaching at companies, we have successfully trained over 5,000 corporate executives in the fields of Management, Finance and Banking, Customer Service, Airlines, International Business, Sales, Hospitality and the Health industry. Our clients range from individuals, to small businesses, to multi national corporations. Our corporate client feedback is linked here.



In order to begin a Corporate Training Program at your organization, get in touch with us via our contact page or call us on +91 9372250533 to arrange for a representative to discuss your business Spanish needs in detail.

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