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Languages as we know are a means of communicating. Till recently mere knowledge of the native language was enough, but with the advent of globalisation and the fast disappearing borders, learning a foreign language apart from English is fast gaining the position of a mandatory requisite. Technology and the business enterprise of out-sourcing are seeing a market of customers from different countries. Thus, apart from being a professional in a said field, knowing an additional foreign language will be an added advantage. For those who feel that knowledge of English language is enough, here is an interesting information; the most commonly used language in the world is Mandarin Chinese, followed by Spanish, while English holds only the third position. Hindi is the fourth most commonly used language.

Why should you learn a foreign language?

Apart from the factor of globalisation, the knowledge of a foreign language is useful in the following ways:

• You will broaden your horizon and gain a new perspective into the culture and heritage of the part of the world the language comes from.
• In the globalised world, you will be more adaptable with a broader mind.
• For children, learning a foreign language helps in the increased functioning of the brain, thus helping them to perform better in everything else.
• Last but not the least, in this day and age of tremendous competition, knowledge of a foreign language will give you an extra edge in the employment market.

Foreign languages that will help you:

Based on the field of work that you are in here is a comprehensive list of foreign languages that will help you:

• German: Germany is just behind USA, attracting people from India who are academically oriented. However, it is mandatory to know the German language as very few people there speak in English. The German language is difficult to learn as the syntax, i.e. the arrangement of words in a sentence, is completely different from that of English. Learning German will also help you become an interpreter with the Government.

• French: Perhaps the most popular choice of foreign language in India, the language itself is easy to learn because of the similarity in syntax with English, though the pronunciations may be a little difficult. French is very popular language and its knowledge will help you gain entry, as a student, as an employee, or as a business person into many other countries, without the language barrier. French language can help you land a job in the embassy or as an interpreter.

• Spanish: Another very popular language because of its simplicity, and more popular than even French, Spanish also has a similar syntax to that of English. For those who are wondering why Spanish, there are 400 million people in the world who speak Spanish. And if that were not enough, there are many Spanish companies opening their branches in India.

• Chinese: This Asian language is indeed very difficult, with not only a different syntax than that of English, but also a completely different pattern and style of grammar. However, as mentioned earlier, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely used language in the world. China is fast emerging as one of the largest markets, and employers are looking for people who can speak Chinese, and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context. Apart from that, China also has a large scope for employment and knowledge of the Chinese language will give you an extra edge over your peer group.

• Japanese: This language too is very different in syntax and grammar from English. But keeping in mind that Japan is the world’s second largest economy, the knowledge of this language will only be an added advantage. Apart from housing some of the world’s leading companies with employment opportunities, Japan also brings great business opportunities.

The institutes in India offering foreign language courses

• German: Goethe Institut (known as Max Muller Bhavan), Indian Institute of Foreign Languages, and the Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC), are the prominent institutes for learning German.

• French: Alliance Française, French Institute of Pondicherry, Institut Francais en Inde, and Indian Institute of Foreign Languages conduct French classes.

• Spanish: Institute of Spanish Studies, the Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi, and Academia De Español in Mumbai are some of the renowned institutes for learning the language.

• Chinese: The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), Chinese Language Institute in Delhi, the School of Chinese Language, and the Chinese Embassy are a few places offering courses in Chinese.

• Japanese: Japanese Language School, India, the Japan Foundation in New Delhi, and the Mosai Institute of Japanese Language offer course in the language.


It has been truly said that there is no age for learning. So widen your horizon by registering yourself to learn any of the foreign languages. If not in work, you will make that many more friends.

by Viji Athreye

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