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You might not be aware of the fact that 21 countries have Spanish as their main language and their mother tongue…66 crore people speak Spanish. In the USA, after English, Spanish is the second language.

When you learn Spanish, it means that you have understood and learnt 50% of French, 60% of Italian and 80% off Portugese.People who know Spanish can travel and survive easily in Europe without any knowledge the English language.

Okay, is there any monetary gain in learning Spanish?

Yes…meet a 65 year old gentleman Mr. Jayant Natu, a resident of Dombivali; Mumbai.

At present, he is a Spanish professor at the Somaiya College, Mumbai.

Mr. Jayant Natu tells Chitralekha that he used to work in a chemical company in the production department. About 6 years ago, he happened to hear a Spanish song. He could not understand the language, but the words were so sweet that he was determined to understand the Spanish language.

He met up with the Spanish teacher, Mr.Dinesh Govindani and did up to 3 levels of the Spanish language.

Post retirement, he started working as a faculty member. Teaching the Spanish language, I started another career in my life.

In short, the work is something I like and the money is something I love.

Due to globalization, internet, facebook etc the world is shrinking at an alarming pace. In our country, not only French and German, but Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian people have gone up, infact, zoomed high. Jayant Natu’s Spanish teacher Mr. Dinesh Govindani, runs an institution in Andheri, a suburb of Mumbai, named”ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL”.

On entering the institute, at a glance, you can see a number of youngsters and collegians involved in various activities related to the Spanish language and culture.

Some students are in the class studying with the Spanish instructors.

Some are on the computers, looking or working through the interactive CD’s.

Some are in the library section, reading Spanish novels and the others watching Spanish movies and moving over it at their convenience.

On the wall of thee institute, there are photographs of Mr.Dinesh Govindani with various celebrities.

-One such photograph is of the president of a Latin American, Spanish speaking country-another is on the Indian Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan.

Last year, the movie,”Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” s star Hrithik Roshan was also a student of Mr.Dinesh Govindani. A major part of the film was shot in Spain and has many Spanish incidents, anecdotes, events and the language too.

Spanish teacher, Mr.Dinesh Govindani’s roots can be traced to Sindh, Pakistan.But, after partition, they settled in Spain and later Mumbai.

Mr.Dinesh was born, brought up, educated and started his career in Spain. He was always involved in and with the education section. His wife, Mrs.Vidya Govindani is from Mumbai, but both his children are born in Spain. To ensure an Indian upbringing, the family shifted to Mumbai.14 years ago and settled here. He started a new career afresh of teaching in Mumbai.

Mr. Dinesh Govindani tells Chitralekha that:

“In those days, there were very few people interested in learning the Spanish language and it was really difficult. It was like hitting your head against the wall trying to make people understand the importance of Spanish language.

A Spanish class had been started in the Mithibai College in Mumbai. We even conducted Spanish classes at our home.Today, majority of the International schools teach Spanish as a language.Career-wise, if you join a school/ College as a Spanish teacher, you can earn up to 40,000- 50,000 per month.

Mr. DG adds that Indians have started travelling the world and become globe trotters. They have realized thee meaning and importance of learning foreign languages.

Europe and majority of the American countries have a hard core importance of the Spanish Language.

If there is an Indian professional, a doctor, an MBA etc who has an in depth knowledge and speaks Spanish can stand to earn much more than their counter parts and contemporaries. Even Spanish – speaking call –centre employee tends to earn more than his colleagues.

In fact, you can earn as a Spanish interpreter and translator. One word translated can earn you rs.2.

Indian pharma, textiles Companies conduct big business in Latin American countries. The business correspondences, letters, documents, have to be translated in the Spanish language.

The business Spanish trade –terms used require special training which is also taught by Mr.Dinesh and Mrs.Vidya.

If your business is with Latin American or European countries, it is essential to learn and know the Spanish language.

If you are able to communicate with the person in is mother-tongue, your business is automatically bound to increase in leaps and bounds.

Many diamond merchants and jewelers also learn the Spanish language.

Spanish Speaking students can get good jobs as Spanish tourist guides.

Last year, there was a great demand for Spanish speaking interpreters and translators during the common wealth games held in New Delhi. Similarly, Spanish speaking interpreters and translators earn, about Rs.4000/- to Rs.5000/- daily, working with foreign businessmen.

But, the money earning angle for Spanish speaking people is from the film industry. According to Mr. DG, bollywood and south Indian films as the market Is Europe and Latin American countries.

There are many Indians who have settled in Europe and Latin American countries, whose children do not speak Hindi, but speak Spanish fluently. Our Indian films need to be dubbed in Spanish. This is a big money spinner and earns good money.

We have dubbed and sub-titled for a no. of Hindi films. E.g.-Spanish Masala and Kites.

Hmmm…How is Spanish to learn and understand? (Asks Chitralekha)

Mr. DG says that Spanish is just 26+4= 30 alphabets.

Also, as you write, you pronounce- It is phonetically spoken and thus is easy to understand and learn. Spanish grammar is like Indian languages and has 3 genders.

Roots of Spanish language cane traced to Indian languages.

E.g.: Shirt is “Camisa” in Spanish.

Almari is “Armario”

“Pagar” in Spanish is to pay somebody.

Thus, in short, a person who can speak and understand English- Hindi can learn Spanish easily.

On the career front, you can become a member of the Spanish business Association, Spanish Consulate, Travel companies etc.

Your pay pocket depends on your networking.

Samir Paleja

Translated by Vishakha M. Modi


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