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Spanish is the second world language as a vehicle of international communication and the third as an international language of politics, economics, and culture. Being the second language after English in business communication, English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations have become significantly necessary for companies to communicate effectively with their Spanish speaking counterparts.


Latin American and Central American countries are experiencing strong economic growth and the creation of MERCOSUR and many other free trade agreements between South American countries and North America to improve the economies of these countries, underscores the fact that the Latin American / Central American countries are becoming commercial partners worldwide. This means that both parties require Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation services.


Our services range from simple document translations to business interpreting, commercial and technical translation. Quality, accuracy, and confidentiality are what we provide. With our network of qualified and experienced translators, interpreters, we are able to provide clients with quick and accurate human translations for all their business needs.


General Spanish Translation

Whether the project is of 100 words or over 10,000, Academia de Español can provide a prompt and accurate translation from a qualified native speaker. General translations can come in any format, including, articles and informative documents, corporate presentations, resumes, reports, letters and web pages for translations involving a specific field of work such legal, pharmaceutical, financial or technical documents.

Technical Spanish Translation

We specialize in the expert translation of even the most complex technical documents. Our range of expertise includes instruction manuals, books, contracts and proposals, data sheets, scientific papers, medical documentation, terms and conditions, emails, business correspondence, user and technical manuals, patents, etc.

Medical Spanish Translation

When it comes to translating medical documents, it is of the utmost importance that the translation is completed with accuracy and speed and is fully comprehensible by the medical professionals who will rely on it. Medical and pharmaceutical texts are generally hard to understand in the source language due to the amount of specific terminology, so it is integral that the end translation is not only technically and stylistically sound, but most importantly wholly intelligible to a native speaker. We undertake translations of leaflets, patents, dossiers, medical documentation for biding, etc.

Certified Translation Services

An official, Certified Translation is one that has been verified formally so that it can be used as an official document. Items that often require certified translation include:

  • Birth, death, marriage, divorce, police clearance certificates
  • Academic Diplomas or Credentials
  • Work, Medical and Academic Transcripts
  • Contracts and other legally binding documents

Our general practice at Academia de Español is to include a signed cover letter with the final translation, stating that the translation has been performed by a professional certified translator working for Academia de Español. We are official translators for majority of consulates and embassies of the Spanish-speaking regions in Mumbai including Latin America, Central America and Spain.

Translation process at Academia de Español

Once we have received the translation requirement via email, we analyze the contents and send a quotation to the client alongside the timeline for work completion. Once it is confirmed, we start the document translation.


We use dictionaries for the specified files or documents. For large projects, an experienced project manager will be assigned and be responsible for the coordination of the team of translators.


At this stage, the assigned translators are committed to their job, work as a team, and take deadlines as a priority. Later, all work is reviewed by a sector-specific proofreader and the project manager to verify the document’s formatting, style, and technical aspects. This guarantees the quality level of the final product. After delivering the translated documents, we monitor customer satisfaction and make appropriate changes to improve the process.

Our Translators

Translations that work at Academia de Español have the translation credentials, academic background, skills and experience to translate and / or interpret. They punctual in their commitments and treat all kind of documents with the highest degree of confidentiality. At Academia de Español we don’t use translation softwares only appropriate dictionaries for the specified files or documents. Our documents are only translated by qualified human translators.


At Academia de Español we have experienced and focused teams of English to Spanish and vice-versa translation experts with advanced capabilities to handle any kind of English to Spanish and vice-versa translation projects. You will never have to worry about the accuracy of your text, or damage to your company image caused by inaccurate or unprofessional translation. Having native Spanish Speakers with the knowledge and experience of a specific field allows our English to Spanish and vice-versa Translation teams to deliver world-class results.

Our Clients

At Academia de Español, we have translated thousands of documents in all these years of all types and all areas. Therefore, we have the experience to advise you on any project you might have. We have a wide client base in India and abroad and are constantly receiving encouraging feedback from clients who have utilized our Translation or Interpretation services.

Our Client List

Academia de Español has been providing its services to various clients in numerous domains including IT, Software Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Media, Banking, Pharma, Life Sciences. Some of our clients include:


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