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Subtitling or captioning services involve display of text versions of the audio dialogues in audio-visual content. Subtitles are essentially a feature that appear at the bottom of the screen and could be loosely termed as the storyline of the presentation or the movie. These could be the text of the storyline and dialogues in the same language or a different language through the process of transcription and translation.



Subtitling services delivered with precision and style

Our captioners are highly skilled native linguists, using the most up-to-date specialist software and industry-standard guidelines. They handle large volumes of work at impressive speed, while safeguarding quality, and time subtitles from scratch. Our subtitling team offers succinct editing services, which communicate content in a concise way, whilst staying true to the source material.


We specialize in producing vast volumes of work to tight deadlines. With over 25 years of experience in having subtitled major projects for Films, TV Series, Advertisements and Corporate Videos, whether you desire English subtitles for a Spanish or Latin American Web Series, or Spanish Subtitles for latest Bollywood movies, AE is the subtitling company for you.


Our in-house staff undergo strict training to ensure our rigorous subtitling standards are adhered to at all times. We have a rigid quality control system in place, and based on our clients’ budgets we offer additional quality control for our subtitling services.




  • TIME CODE WITH SOURCE SCRIPT: Generally audio visuals, movies or presentations that require subtitling are accompanied by the source script along with the time code as 00:00:00 (hours, minutes, seconds). These have to come from the client. The fees are calculated on per minute basis of the video and the quote is then sent to the customer for approval.
  • TRANSLATION ACTIVITY: Once we receive an approval for the quote, the transcript corresponding to the time code is translated with specific instruction to the translator to use small sentences and phrases clearly indicating that he/she must deliver a translation which can be read within the duration of the time code in the transcript.


In our 20 years of operation, we have subtitled hundreds of documentaries, Bollywood films, TV Series and Web Series. Some of our recent projects are:

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