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General conditions

The school accepts no responsibility for changes of academic services, losses, expenses, accidents, theft of personal property or injuries during the student’s course.


Student Conduct

All students are required to attend classes, notify the school in case of absence and respect other students, teachers and staff. The school reserves the right to cancel a course without refund in circumstances where a student is found to be in breach of the school’s code of conduct which may be found posted in each classroom.


Course Bookings

  1. The minimum age for students is 8 years.
  2. All students with the exception of those at the level of beginner are required to take a level test.
  3. The balance of all course fees must be paid before the start date of the course. The school reserves the right to cancel the student’s reservation for non-payment.
  4. Refunds will be made using the same method of payment the student used to book their course.

Course Basics

  1. The school does not offer trial lessons.
  2. One hour of class is equivalent to 55 minutes.
  3. The minimum number of students per class is three and the maximum is eight.
  4. The content of each class is designed around the CASA Teachers are not permitted to make changes to the study plan.
  5. The CASA program is structured in 6 levels. Upon completion of each level, two tests will be conducted in class.
  6. For organizational reasons, the school reserves the right to substitute a course teacher. All teachers are experienced and qualified to teach the CASA.
  7. For organizational reasons the school may have to substitute a course teacher. All substitute teachers are experienced and qualified.
  8. The school reserves the right not to open a class if it does not have the minimum number of students enrolled.
  9. In the case of school closure due to force majeure, the in-person classes will be replaced by virtual classes maintaining the same quality of teaching and following the academic program. No refunds will be applied.
  • The school is closed on local and national public holidays and such days will not be recuperated. The content of the CASA program will be covered within other lessons.
  • Classes that are missed due to a student’s absence cannot be recovered, even with a medical document.
  • Students are not permitted to come to school with members of their family nor with pets.
  • Full or partial reproduction of any the school’s materials (books, cassettes or CDs) is prohibited under copyright law.
  • Recording audio, video, or photography in class is prohibited.

Course Changes

  1. Students are not permitted to defer their course once it has started. All course fees are non-refundable during periods of deferment. The dates of the booking cannot be modified once the course has started.
  2. A course reservation is assigned on an individual basis and therefore it cannot be re-assigned or transferred to another student.
  3. Under no circumstances, the student will be allowed to change his school location, once the course has started. In case of exceptional cases, a location transfer fee of INR 2000 will apply, to be borne at the transferring school on the first day of class.
  4. If one or several in-person groups must be closed due to official Health Authority’s recommendations, the in-person classes will be replaced by virtual classes maintaining the same academic program and schedule. No refunds will be applied.

Course Cancellations

  1. All students who wish to cancel their course in advance of course commencement must notify the school in writing; by e-mail, fax or letter. Notifications not received via one of these methods will not be accepted.
  2. Students who cancel their course after the course start date will be charged the enrolment fee plus 100% of the total course price.
  3. Where a refund is given any bank charges related to transfers and exchange rate movements will be deducted from the refundable amount due.

Private Lessons

  1. One hour of class is equivalent to 55 minutes.
  2. Private lessons can be for 1 to 3 students.
  3. Private lessons must be in session for a minimum of 1 hour and at least 1 session per week.
  4. Schedule and content are flexible. A personalized program will be elaborated according to the student’s request.
  5. The student has to plan all his classes on the day of enrolment. Changes depend on the availability of the teacher and the classrooms and have to be asked for at reception.
  6. Cancellations have to be notified to Academia de Español with a 24-hour notice, except classes scheduled for Mondays which must be cancelled latest Friday by 19h. We request that you always notify the school by phone, e-mail or in person at the school. Nonattendance without notification will be considered as a cancellation.
  7. If the student is delayed, the lost time won’t be made up for. If the delay is greater than 30 minutes, the teacher is not obliged to wait and the class will be cancelled.
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