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New languages, new Avenues and new Success

DAILY NEWS & ANALYSIS MONDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 MUMBAI There is much more to foreign languages, than interpreting and translating. Dubbing, providing subtitles for films, doing voice-overs and of course, teaching in prominent foreign languages can pay you more than...

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Learn a New Language For a Better Career

MUMBAI MIRROR MONDAY JULY 11, 2011 MUMBAI LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE FOR A BETTER CAREER With the advent of new technologies and globalisation, the world is definitely a smaller place. Anita Seth takes a sneak preview on how learning a new language can help you communicate...

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The More The Merrier

THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL MONDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2010 MUMBAI THE MORE THE MERRIER BY AMI GANDHI Mastering a foreign language can be beneficial in more than one ways English has become a global communication tool but knowledge of other foreign languages is also becoming...

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Around Town

TIME OUT MAGAZINE FRIDAY MARCH 19, 2010 MUMBAI AROUND TOWN Babel wrap There are more foreign languages being taught in the city that you can shake a phrasebook at, says Zeenat Nagree Young Mumbai executives, trotting around the globe as they steadily rise up the...

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Wake Up Linguists, And Smell The Coffee

DAILY NEWS & ANALYSIS (DNA)   FRIDAY JULY 11, 2008 MUMBAI WAKE UP LINGUISTS, AND SMELL THE COFFEE   Getting an MBA or graduating from an IIT institute will no longer guarantee you the best job. To be a cut above, learning a foreign language or two will stand you...

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Lessons In New Tongues

HINDUSTAN TIMES  METRO SUNDAY JUNE 29, 2008 MUMBAI LESSONS IN NEW TONGUES Young professionals, students queue up to learn Spanish besides Japanese, Chinese. Anna Biernat Mumbai, June 29 For them, English is passé. Chinese, Japanese and Spanish are in. To be a more...

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Lingual Lines

DNA Academy TUESDAY AUGUST 1, 2006 MUMBAI LINGUAL LINES Language studies is taking an altogether new meaning with tailor made courses that help you keep up with the borderless market. Deepti Sivakumar talks to people who have carved a niche for themselves in the...

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