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Testimonios de Estudiantes

Mayank Agarwal

Hi, my name is Mayank Agrawal. I would like to share my wonderful learning experience as a student of Academia de Español. I have been interested in learning foreign languages since childhood, and Spanish being the 2nd most spoken language in the world I decided to learn it. I got in touch with Mr. Dinesh Govindani in the beginning of the year 2000.”

I started off with the basic level. The fact that Mr. Govindani taught from a book written by him really impressed me, because it is not very common to find language teachers who teach from their own publication. The systematic layout of the book ‘Spanish made easy’ really made the job easy and fun to learn. The book has ample amount of vocabulary, grammatical exercises and pictorial representations which helps in easy understanding of the language. Slowly, I graduated from the basic level to the intermediate and then the advanced. In no time I realized that my fluency of spoken Spanish had really improved. Mr. Govindani took note of this, and offered me to accompany him in his work. I immediately accepted the offer and since then I have been doing various kinds of translations, interpretations, voiceovers etc… in Spanish. It feels great to be part of such an ace academy and pursuing such a unique and professional career.

Academia de Español is better than most other Spanish institutes in the city having a vast collection of study material like easy to learn audio and video CD’s, books, dictionaries (technical and general) etc… collected over the past so many years from Spain.

Niyati Mistry

Queridos Users,
Look no further because you have found the best Spanish classes in India. Academia de Español is a well-known organization for Spanish learners. I started learning Spanish from Mr. Dinesh Govindani three years back and today I am a successful Spanish teacher in Mumbai.”

At Academia de Espanol, the beginners and advanced courses are taught by knowledgeable faculty who are well versed with the language. The courses consist of two different books that are usually completed in thirty hours. Each topic is taught very carefully so that students understand the material and then you are given a chance to do an exercise in front of the teacher. The teachers at Academia de Español have a very organized teaching style and along with grammar and conversation they encourage discussion about the Spanish life and culture. The faculty also gives enough handouts so that you can practice your Spanish at home. Moreover, they also persuade the students to only speak in Spanish during the class.

My experience with the faculty and classmates at Academia de Espanol has truly been memorable. Mr. Govindani encouraged me to continue learning Spanish, read Spanish books, watch Spanish films and listen to Spanish music. Today I am very happy that I know Spanish, because anyone who learns this language can have endless career options. I will be happy to answer any questions regarding the Academia de Espanol.


My Experience with Academia de Español.

I studied Spanish in Mumbai and further did a course in Barcelona, Spain. It has been a great experience learning Spanish and like any language there is always more to learn. Initially I started learning this language to help my husband with his business of exports as Spanish is widely spoken in Latin America. We have been quiet successful in making contacts with the people there who usually speak only Spanish. I am now working with Academia de Español with Mr. Govindani who is a really good person and a true Gentleman. Working with him is adding to my knowledge besides paying me well. I have helped him with lot of translation like sub titling for movies, story books, business communication, transcription of serials and movies. Every translation job is different and is quiet interesting and a good learning experience.”

Under him I have also started teaching at British Institute, Mumbai and am taking regular classes there. I am really enjoying working in this field as every day there is something new.

Nihira Joshi

I am Nihira Joshi, a student of Academia de Español, have been learning Spanish for 18 months. Experience of learning Spanish from this Academy is very educative and useful. The treatment one receives is hard to describe. Mr. Dinesh Govindani and his wife Mrs. Vidya Govindani have adopted a teaching style which is not syllabus oriented, but is a fun and learn oriented wherein the students are made to establish command over the language through word game, translation assignments and a very self-sufficient text book at each level. I am an aspiring singer, but I also believe in having another career option ready in my hands. I thoroughly enjoy learning the Spanish Language.

I would highly recommend people (especially youngsters) to learn this language as it is spoken and understood worldwide. It is second official language in USA and highly used in South and Central America. A job as a Spanish translator and an interpreter can be very gainful monetarily as well as qualitatively as one unfolds new challenges every day.



“Learning Spanish from Vidya Govindani has been a rewarding experience. She takes active interest in my learning and makes the class enjoyable and fun. Her command of the language is outstanding, which makes learning even easier!”

Shruti Vaidya

“I am a student of spanish since four months, I have completed my first level, it’s really great learning spanish with vidya madam and dinesh sir.

They make me understand the text very well, apart from the text they make me aware about new information relating to the spanish language on the internet, new articles about spanish and other foreign languages.

It really feels great to learn a new language, new words and new constructions, as it is said ” you should love a language to learn it”, my love for this language was generated in this academy”


Academia de Español has been an institute I relate to even now and go back to whenever I have questions, queries or simply some matters over which I need guidance.

Dinesh Sir has been a constant source of guidance and motivation when I wanted to learn this language and subsequently even when I decided to myself take up teaching Spanish as a profession.

It is his constant support that has given me the confidence to explore this new field and extend the same guidance and knowledge to my students. It has been his constant endeavor to enable his students to gain as much knowledge about this language as can be possible and he always extends his support for the same.

Riddhi Maniar

Like a seed that requires the right amount of nourishment from all the sources in order to grow, the faculty of Academia de Espanol encouraged and pruned me to bloom while I was learning the Basic level course. Mr. and Mrs. Govindani provided an exceptionally good course material along with constant personal attention. They made the process of learning so enjoyable and interesting that before I had realized, I was speaking and writing Spanish well. Their method of teaching breaks from the conventional way of learning by rote. I intend to pursue the next level of the course too.

Shruthi Rao

I’ve been learning Spanish for 6 months. Learning spanish from this academy has been very useful. Because of Mr. Dinesh Govindani & Mrs. Vidya Govindani I got the opportunity to teach at the British Institute. I also did some translation job. Above all I got a chance to go to Argentina Region Centro as an interpreter which was held on 7th & 8th of May in the Taj. I had a very good experience there. I had always wanted to learn Spanish & I’m glad I chose to join Academia De Espanol as Mr. & Mrs. Govindani are well versed with the language. Learning from them is very educative & fun. As Spanish being the third most spoken language in the world anyone learning it can have ample of career opportunities.

So if you want to learn Spanish, look no further, Academia De Espanol is the best place in Mumbai.

Keisha Shah

Mr. Dinesh Govindani, “Sir”, as we all call him lovingly, is the teacher from whom I learnt Spanish. Although, I was well-versed with one foreign language namely, French, and have been even teaching the French in various Institutions, I was a little apprehensive about Spanish as yet another foreign language. But to my utter relief, learning Spanish from Sir was a joy ride. His style of teaching is unique. It’s a blend of fun and seriousness. The learning aids provided by him in the form of a computer disc and the book written by him are very helpful in understanding the nuances of Spanish language. I admire his quality of putting students “On the job” while learning, which is a great moral booster. It immensely helps in building up confidence and makes one more enthusiastic to master the language. Vidya Ma’am, his wife as well professional colleague is a gem. She is also a treasure of knowledge. Her soft speaking skills and ability to always make you feel at home in the class are great. I always remember her motherly traits when she prods to have a cup of coffee after long hours at the class. I will remain grateful to my Dad as he was the one who suggested this class. It provided me with an opportunity to learn from Dinesh sir and Vidya ma’am.

Mahalakshmy Manoj

My name is Mahalakshmy and I have been studying Spanish through Academia De Espanol for the past 2 years. I am currently pursuing Advanced level of Spanish and I also teach in the academy besides going for private tuitions. What started off as a hobby turned out to be a passion thanks to my teachers and the quality of the program. The thing that I like the most about this academy is that the teachers who teach the language in this academy are so passionate about teaching, and about the Spanish language that it radiates through their efforts in teaching a student, that a student can’t help but get infected with that passion. That’s why the course doesn’t appear as just another hobby course. More over as the academy doesn’t follow a batch system and believes in a one to one training, a student gets personal attention. Plus, the number of hours that a student spends in the academy is not counted. They follow the policy ‘If you have the inclination to learn, we have the time to teach. Probably because of all these reason that people don’t just stop by learning a basic level. They willingly go in for further levels. They truly dedicate themselves to help a student learn the language and they go extra mile for that by giving innumerable exercises and work sheets besides the study material. Also, a student can be benefited from their vast collection of books and CD’s, which help in honing the language skills. At the end of the course the certificate that one acquires through this academy is valid through Mumbai university. That makes every minute spent in learning the language worthwhile. They also encourage students to speak in Spanish and they talk among themselves too in Spanish so that a student gets the feel of the spoken Spanish. I’m very glad that I took the decision of learning Spanish through Academia De Espanol and I’m sure that you too will be.

Anshumaan, Ecole Mondial World School

My name is Anshumaan and I study Spanish in my school Ecole Mondial. Before coming to this class I had massive problems in grammar but now they are all clear. The teachers here are very good and kind and I think it’s worth joining this class for Spanish learners.

Archana Thakur

Hola Amigos

The idea to embrace it as a career hit me pretty late, but I am glad it did. I have always believed in this one-liner… “It’s better late than never.” After having written in a newspaper for a couple of years, I was looking at a refreshing break. Thus, I put my hands on Spanish and from then on my journey started. Having learnt spoken Spanish before, catching up the language, particularly the grammar wasn’t very difficult.

“Earn while you learn” is an excellent concept practiced at the Academy. One such opportunity came knocking my door where I was asked to translate something. Then came a teaching assignment, which instilled confidence in me. That marked the start of my liking and serious thinking towards Spanish as a career and from thereon there is no looking back.

I would like to thank Mr. Dinesh & Mrs. Vidya Govindani for having given me good opportunities to experiment and excel in them. Their constant support helps me perform even better.

Viva Academia!!!

Shilpa Ijeri

My Experience at Academia de Espanol

I decided to learn Spanish to make a career in it. The best thing I like about learning Spanish at Academia de Espanol is that both Sir & Ma’am make learning a fun filled experience. Their method of teaching helps students to learn as well as excel & develop a command over the language. They do this through word games, story books, grammar books, translation & interpretation assignments & excellent text books, for each level, written by Mr. Govindani himself. Moreover, it is not hourly based course but syllabus based course, unlike in other institutes.

I have started with a few interpretation & translation assignments through this institute and the experience has increased my confidence. In my opinion, in Mumbai, this is the best place to learn Spanish.

Delfina Arokyaswamy

!!!  A professor is one who talks in someone else’s sleep  !!!

Hi Guys!

When I had made up my mind to learn a foreign language, it was very confusing as to which foreign language to opt for. Finally, I decided upon Spanish and today I feel very satisfied having taken the right decision and having found the right Institute for Spanish in ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL.

To me, Academia De Español is not just an institute but it’s like a home.  The atmosphere in the institute and the care and attention extended by Mr. Dinesh Govindani & Mrs. Vidya Govindani to a student, makes one feel so. Govindanis, whom we call “Sir” & “Mam”, are wonderful people with whom Spanish can be learnt with. Learning Spanish is not easy but learning with full zeal and enthusiasm with sir and mam is that what can be looked forward to. They make learning Spanish very easy and simple to understand.

I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Govindani for giving me an opportunity.

Manoj Pillai

Dear Sir,

Greetings to you, I want to take this moment to thank you, Vidya Madam, Twinkle and all those who were my guides for successful completion of Spanish Language Basic course, now I indeed realize the importance of the language since I’ve started using the same in my official communication with clients in the Latin American region.

If at all I get a chance to settle in Mumbai again, I’ll definitely join for a higher level course with your prestigious institution.

Thanking you all once again.

Abhishek Chaturvedi

Academia De Español is the place where I got to learn a lot about the Spanish culture along with the language itself. It has been a long journey for me at the academy and it has been a blissful one. The institute has access to all the possible amenities which will help you perfect the language and also to get to know more and more about it. Professor Mr. Dinesh Govindani and Mrs. Vidya Govindani are the best tutors that I have come across in my life and are always ready to help you in all the best possible ways in order to perfect the language and excel in the same. A homely environment and positive attitude towards all the student and the language has helped me keep a good rapport with them and hence have been able to learn the language more comfortably, willingly, enthusiastically and efficiently. In short words I would describe it as Spain in India.

Monica Modi

Hey everyone!

When you first step into Academia de Español, you think of it as a small & simple Spanish teaching academy but mind you nothing about it is small or simple. It is a larger than life institute with friendly and dedicated teachers. The academy has a distinct style of teaching which helps you set your own space of learning. So it makes you confident about your Spanish speaking skills.

Vishakha Joshi

Hi I’m a student of Academia De Español. I am doing the third level at the institute. My learning experience till now has been great as I get to learn many things from teaching faculty. Also we can refer to study material (books, magazines, audio and video cds) available in the library. I would love to pursue further levels in the institute.


Pallavi D Warpalak

I have been studying with Academia De Español for the past two years now and it has been a very good and fun-filled learning experience. The professors Mr. Dinesh Govindani and Mrs. Vidya Govindani have been very supportive and motivating enough to make me sail through a series of internal and international exams. The atmosphere in the class is very encouraging. Because of the flexibility of the timings it becomes even more convenient. I always look forward to come to the academy. Also, many opportunities are given to the students after completion of certain levels.
I would thank my sir and ma’am for being so kind and supportive during my learning at the academy.

Suman Singh - Tata Motors

Hey everyone, Spanish was a new language for me and Vidya Govindani introduced me very well to it. I had a great learning experience with her, she has got good knowledge of the language and she delivered it perfectly, she is very hard working and dedicated. I look forward to learning some more Spanish in future.



A big thank you to Dinesh and Vidya! My association with you’ll since the past year and a half has been extremely fruitful and enjoyable. There is much I have learnt from both of you. I would look forward to my Spanish classes and it would be the highlight of my week. It was so much fun bantering and arguing and learning with you’ll. I appreciate all the helpful advice you’ll have given me on the Spanish front and with my personal problems. I appreciate them!
I will be in touch and I hope to come back to class soon!

Fr. Robin Chellamthara

Dear Mr. Dinesh Govindani,
Cordial greetings from the Diocese of Kanjirapally.
Thank you very much for the wonderful training you gave me at your Spanish Language Academy. I had a wonderful experience there and am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend your Academy.
I greatly appreciate the one-to-one training module with audio-visual aids, flexible timings, training in writing methodology, speaking classes etc. I was very happy at the large amount of information you gave me about Spain in general, the food habits, living conditions, people’s attitudes, seasons etc. These practical classes were very useful and they gave me the confidence that I will be able to manage myself while in Spain. The friendly atmosphere that Mr. Dinesh Govindani and Mrs. Vidya Govindani were able to offer at the Academy made the learning process enjoyable and congenial.
Thanking both of once again, I remain.
Yours sincerely,
Fr. Robin Chellamthara
Diocese of Kanjirapally

Shaunak Thakkar

I had to attain basic fluency in a third language, besides English and Hindi, in order to meet the minimum graduation requirements for my INSEAD MBA. Also, since my wife and I will be relocating to Madrid soon it became essential for I so learn to read, write and speak Spanish.

I called Prof. Dinesh Govindani after learning about Academia De Espanol in Mumbai through an online search. From the outset Mr. Govindani was welcoming and invited us to his facilities in Andheri. After a brief conversation with him we enrolled at the institute for the basic level course. For me the biggest factor was that the academy is FIDESCU certified, which is an internationally recognized certification and specifically at INSEAD.

My experience at Academia de Espanol has been great. The faculty, the training materials and the setup- all facilitate an immersive learning experience. Further, Mr. Govindani is a native of Spain and is very knowledgeable of Spanish life and culture, which lends added color to the lessons. The other faculty, Mr. Abhishek Chaturvedi is also very qualified and competent.

The timings are flexible, considering they are open seven days a week and you can pick and choose when you want to come. The lessons are organized in manageable, bite-sized portions with ample homework, all of which ensures that students thoroughly absorb the material. Moreover, since this is essentially one on one coaching the lessons progress at a pace determined by you, unlike a classroom environment where you can quickly find yourself falling behind others. This is extremely important when learning a new language because not everyone grasps at the same speed. It is also ideal for students and working professionals because you pick the days and timings that work for you.

I am extremely happy to have joined academia de espanol. Soon I will complete my basic level certification. I fully expect to continue at the academy and enroll in the speaking and advanced level classes.

Tushar Bhandari

I wanted to learn Spanish to satisfy my exit language requirement for INSEAD MBA. Another INSEAD student had referred me to Academia De Español. I spoke with Mr. Dinesh and confirmed the details. I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere at class. It felt more like a study group session. What I love the most about the class is you can learn at your pace unlike the traditional batch setting most language courses do.  Dinesh, Vidya and Abhishek are all wonderful teachers! You can come in to class at your time and schedule. I found the Basic Spanish language book to be very well written. It teaches new topic and at the same time revises old topics constantly. I have completed the course in about a month’s time and am grateful to all of them for their guidance and time! I will definitely miss going to class !

Bindi Nair

New Year greetings & Best wishes to you and your entire faculty of Academia De Español !!!

A big Thank You for your excellent teaching methods and aids provided to my daughter Sanjna during the Level 1 course she attended at your esteemed Institute! The Spanish lessons taken at your Institute has enabled her to top all her Spanish tests here in the US. She has scored full 100 in all the Spanish tests she has taken so far and will be advanced to honors class – this has been possible only with the learning and attention she received at your Institute.

Wishing you and your Institute more success!

Warmest regards

Rohit Ghosalkar

I joined Academia De Español in order to complete my A1 and A2 level Spanish exams. These exams were required by my university and I had a fairly short amount of time on hand to complete them. Before joining this institute, I tried to teach myself Spanish using free web-based services, but wasn’t able to reach a point where I would feel confident giving the exams.

I was extremely happy with the format that the course was offered in, and the caliber of all the instructors there. Their immersive learning format, coupled with the flexibility in timings and course duration was extremely useful and allowed me to accelerate my learning. The books that they provide are very thorough and contain easy to follow rules. The exercises that follow after each lesson are an excellent tool to understand each concept and its application.
I was very happy with the level of instruction, and their ability to understand and correct grammatical errors at the source.

I would recommend this academy to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish.

Annie Joseph

Learning Spanish with Vidya Govindani ma’am
It is nice to learn Spanish from Vidya ma’am because she teaches very well. She teaches with patience. It is easy to understand when she teaches. I’m learning to read and to write Spanish very well. The book, “Spanish made easy” is also very easy to use. I make sense when I speak in Spanish now. Vidya ma’am makes Spanish fun and interesting. I like to speak in Spanish now. I am thankful to Vidya ma’am for teaching me with patience.

Sheryl Fernandes

Hola, Learning Spanish with Academia De Español was a very interesting n educative experience .
Spanish was one of the languages I wanted to learn from ages n dis institution taught me very well.
Mrs. Vidya Govindani d professor was very nice and taught Spanish in a very interesting way.
She was very committed and made sure that we didn’t have any difficulties while learning the language.
Study material provided to us were good which connected us to the language in an easier way.
Thank you.


Hello I am called Megha. My experience of Learning Spanish con Vidya Govindani of Academia De Español was very pleasant. Vidya ma’am is a very nice professor and learning Spanish with her was very pleasant. I love how she makes Spanish so interesting. Today I can speak and understand Spanish. Thank you.

Pooja Iyer

The learning experience with Academia De Español is very good. Vidya Govindani ma’am is a good professor. She tells us to answer in class which makes us learn better. She teaches with enthusiasm and passion. My love for Spanish has increased. I have more knowledge of the language now. She teaches us many lessons in Spanish. Lessons on verbs, tenses, conjugations and others. The learning experience is excellent. It encourages me to become fluent in the language.
I thank Vidya ma’am for having taught us with patience.

Surabhi Surve

Mrs. Vidya Govindani is my professor. She teaches Spanish at Academia De Español. She is tall and beautiful. She is friendly. I have completed A1 level. I want to learn this course well. At times, Spanish is difficult to learn. But my professor explains the lesson without getting tired. She is understanding and nice to her students. The classes are never boring. She is knowledgeable in Spanish. She answers quickly when students ask questions.
We enjoy learning with Mrs. Vidya Govindani.

Elrica Fernandes

Buenos dias. Spanish has always been a language which interests me, so i made the decision of learning Spanish last year with Academia de Español. Mrs. Vidya Govindani is an excellent teacher. She put in all her efforts to make us understand lessons and make our learning experience a memorable one. Learning Spanish became easier because of the good examples and excellent teaching quality by Mrs. Vidya Govindani. She also made sure each student would understand each lesson properly by individually solving their doubts. Learning Spanish from Mrs. Vidya Govindani of Academia de Español has been an extremely educational and fun learning experience and hence I would like to thank the Academy for providing good quality Spanish education to all students.

Premlata Kamalakaran

My name is Premlata, I am 65 years old. Learning a new language made me little nervous in the beginning. But the environment is very comfortable and friendly. The staff is good and helpful in all aspects. As the class progressed, I felt very happy and comfortable. Looking forward to doing the next level.

George Oborne

Hola, Lo siento para salir sin decir ”Muchas Gracias”. He estado muy ocupado pero tu colegio es fantástico y INSEAD ha aceptado mis certificados. Muchas gracias y espero que esteis muy muy bien!

Hello, I’m sorry to leave without saying ”Muchas Gracias”. I have been very busy but your school is fantastic and INSEAD has accepted my certificates. Thank you very much and I hope you are very well!